PetPreform Products

RotaPack Manufacturer of preforms in weights 9.5 to 40 grams with openings 24, 28 and 30 for packaging food, cosmetics, chemicals, edible oils and beverages

Pet Preform

Their production of Preform is considered as one of the main parts of producing Pet bottles. It is interesting to know that this product can have significantly important influences on the costs, environmental consideration, effectiveness, and flexibility of production.

What is the purpose of Pet preform?

It is important to mention that Pet preform has paved the way for the production of a variety of pure and healthy bottles made of glass that are high quality. Also, they enable the packaging of different food items without any worry about the flavour and taste.

How does Pet preform is designed and made?

Pet Preform is made throughout the certain process of moulding and It is imperative to note that the mould of the pet perform is designed based on what customers want and his or her needs. The manufacturers will be able to produce and realize pet buttles with different designs, whether it is a pre-design or designs ordered by the customers, via the process of blow moulding.

It is important to note the opening of the preform is one of the fixe aspects that is not changed during the process of blow moulding and hence, we are able to categorize different preforms based on the type of their opening.

Where does the pet preforms mostly used and why?

This product has several features among which we can name the following features:

  1. It is highly flexible and resistant
  2. Can be easily produced and stored in the storage rooms

Due to the above features, this product is mostly used in the food industry and cosmetics. In addition, due to being highly resistant to penetration of gas and humidity, this product is considered a good choice for the packaging of gas-filled (fizzy) products.